WEBInar: EBC Guidelines

The recordings and presentations of the WEBInar on the EBC Guidelines and EBC Sink are now available. FIND HERE: The VIDEO recording of the online seminar. Presentations on EBC and EBC Sink Presentation of the certification process by bio.inspecta     Sampling of Biochar

BEES 360: Biochar in the 2020s

Some of the European biochar industry stalwarts, earliest pioneers and newest enablers provide a broad overview of this “in the spotlight” topic, being one of the six IPCC recognized Negative Emission Technology pathways. Whilst the application of biochar as a soil enhancer is believed to date back around 2 millennia, it’s its future that particularly … Read more

European Biochar Market Report 2020

EBI has just released the first report on the European Biochar Market. The comprehensive report covers biochar production in Europe over the last decade. It shows that the growth of the European biochar market has strongly accelerated since 2017. The publicly available part is now accessible. Find it HERE.

EBC Guidelines

The EBC was developed to minimize risks in the use of biochar, especially in agricultural applications, and to avoid negative environmental impacts of its production. It is a voluntary industry standard, compliance with which is a mandatory part of the state approval of biochar for use in agriculture in Switzerland. Since 2020, the EBC has … Read more

Biochar in EU agriculture

“The updated EU rules on fertilisers (Regulation 2019/1009) will apply from 16 July 2022. They have been extended to cover all types of fertilisers, including organic ones such as those derived from pyrolysis and gasification processes.” The comment period is open until 15 February 2021. EBI has drafted a comment based on expert statements and the inputs … Read more

Mitigating Climate Change with Biochar

The urgency of the ongoing climate change is increasing. There is no doubt that emissions must be drastically reduced at all levels, but that is not enough. To prevent the worst consequences of climate change, additional carbon sinks, so-called negative emissions, are needed. A recently published whitepaper clearly and scientifically substantiates that biochar is a … Read more

First Green Asphalt implemented in Europe

The importance of charred biomass for the creation of carbon sinks and thus for climate protection was recently outlined in a Whitepaper of the European Biochar Association EBI. Further uses of biochar outside of agriculture were only touched upon. A concrete example of implementation is currently taking place in the Austrian province of Vorarlberg, where … Read more

Mit Pflanzenkohle der Klimakrise entgegenwirken

Meldungen zu Dürren und Ernteausfällen, verheerenden Waldbränden, aber auch Starkregen und Erosionen begleiten unseren Alltag. Viele von uns bekommen dies bereits ganz unmittelbar zu spüren. Ein „Weiter wie bisher“ ist längst nicht mehr verantwortbar. Selbst mit einer drastischen Reduktion unserer Emissionen kann das Pariser Klimaabkommen (2015) mit dem Ziel, die Erderwärmung auf deutlich unter 2° … Read more

BioChar goes REACH

A cooperation of REACHECK Solutions, the Leading Registrant of Charcoal, and EBI has brought a breakthrough for BioChar in Europe. Soon BioChar can be registered under the existing REACH dossier of Charcoal. Known inter-European trade barriers for BioChar will therewith become history. REACH (Registration, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) has long created uncertainties within the … Read more

Biochar Analysis – Special EBI Members’ Deal

EBI arranged a special deal on biochar analyses with leading laboratory Eurofins Umwelt Ost GmbH.  Biochar analyses are of utmost importance for all producers and should be performed frequently.   We are glad to be able to officially announce that EBI Premium and General Members are able to benefit from a substantialdiscount on PAH test packages and on all other biochar packages … Read more