EBI Position: Carbon Removal Crediting Mechanism (CRC-M)

The European Biochar Industry Consortium (EBI) has submitted a position paper to the EU: Carbon Removal Certification Mechanism   Today, Pyrogenic Carbon Capture and Storage (PyCCS) represents the most relevant technical carbon sink. In 2022 alone, EU-wide PyCCS installations will sequester 100.000 tons of CO2e. In 2036, 255 million tons of CO2e annually can be … Read more

European Biochar Market Report 2021 / 2022 – Available NOW

The European Biochar Market Report is available now. EBI has presented its report on the European Biochar Market in two webinars. It has been well received and we are happy about the positive feedback and encouragement.  We’d like to thank all participants for their great interest and interesting discussions. The report is made public, download it … Read more

European Biochar Market Report 2021 / 2022 – FREE Webinar

EBI is presenting its recent Biochar Market Report in two webinars. Register now for free. Already for the second year, EBI will present its report on the European Biochar Market. The number of professional equipment manufacturers has increased substantially and the number of projects has grown to more than 100 installations in Europe.  The 2021/2022 report will show that Pyrogenic … Read more

Understanding the EU Taxonomy for sustainable activities

The Taxonomy Regulation provides companies, investors and policymakers with definitions of economic activities that can be considered environmentally sustainable, in order to direct private investments toward them. This redirection of investment flows could significantly accelerate the adoption climate-friendly technologies or the scale-up existing ones. Although the IPCC assesses Biochar / PyCCS as one necessary solution … Read more

Climate Concrete

How do we solve the challenges of our time? Do we have to put all our forces into new innovations, or will we also be able to work with what we know – only in a modified way? Might it even be possible to work with materials that still have a high carbon footprint and … Read more

Biochar Video Campaign

In order to reach the 1.5 degree target, carbon sinks like biochar need more attention and support – also from the public. For this purpose, Fachverband Pflanzenkohle e.V. created a video that has been translated into English by the EBI. It shows that it is possible to fetch carbon dioxide out of the air and … Read more

EU Climate Law

A better EU climate law would be more ambitious, separate reduction and mitigation targets and not ignore the most promising carbon sink solution. To tackle the climate crisis, the EU urgently needs not only ambitious reduction targets but also a stringent carbon sink strategy. Without a massive build-up of carbon sinks, it is impossible to … Read more

Biochar in the Coalition Agreement of German State Baden-Württemberg

“…On state-owned land, the state lives up to its exemplary function for #climate protection and the preservation of #biodiversity. Ecologically valuable areas in the state’s ownership are secured and maintained. The purchase of areas important for nature conservation and climate protection will be continued (moorland acquisition concept and others). When purchasing land, we ensure that … Read more

Training according to the EBC Guidelines

24.03.2021 in English 17.03.2021 in German EBC certification requires specific sampling of biochar. In order to transmit the basics of sampling in compliance with the EBC guidelines, Eurofins is offering a training on sampling in two parts. Please find the Announcement HEREFür die Deutsche Version, bitte HIER EBI members are offered a 15% discount. New … Read more