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European Biochar Market Report 2023/2024

We are introducing our latest European Biochar Market Report for 2023/2024!

This year’s report offers valuable insights into the growing significance of biochar, particularly in district and industrial heating systems. Municipalities keen on achieving net-zero goals will find this report particularly enlightening as it explores how biochar can be leveraged to meet sustainability targets.

In this report, we delve into the installations of biochar production plants up to 2023 and provide a sneak peek into what’s on the horizon for 2024. Our analysis isn’t limited to dedicated biochar production facilities; we also examine charcoal production facilities and those within the metallurgical industry, focusing on carbon-preserving applications.

We categorize production volumes to help readers grasp the market landscape more clearly, providing a nuanced understanding of the sector’s dynamics. We are thrilled to share our projections for the future growth of the biochar market and are committed to supporting its development in the years ahead.

We are grateful to our sponsors Carbon Drawdown Initiative, Carbon Removal Partners, and Carbonfuture for their support in making the report publicly available and to all the industry players who contributed data and insights, which were instrumental in shaping this report.

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