New EBI Position Paper

Sewage sludge as feedstock for pyrolysis to be included in the scope of the EU Fertilizing Products Regulation

Freiburg, January 31, 2023

Sewage sludge can be turned into a safe and valuable phosphorus fertilizer by using it as feedstock for pyrolysis and gasification, resulting in a net positive effect on the climate. 

In the EU Fertilizing Products Regulation, sewage sludge was excluded from the list of eligible feedstocks for pyrolysis & gasification materials to be used in agriculture. The reason was uncertainty whether contaminants of emerging concern are eliminated. To address these concerns, EBI’s position paper presents the latest scientific evidence on the elimination of the most important contaminants in sewage sludges, including pathogens, organic pollutants, PFAS, PAHs and microplastics. It also addresses further benefits regarding climate and the direct yield of high-quality phosphorous fertilizers. 

Find the full position paper here.