The European Biochar Industry Consortium (EBI) has submitted a position paper to the EU:

Carbon Removal Certification Mechanism


Today, Pyrogenic Carbon Capture and Storage (PyCCS) represents the most relevant technical carbon sink.

In 2022 alone, EU-wide PyCCS installations will sequester 100.000 tons of CO2e. In 2036, 255 million tons of CO2e annually can be stored if PyCCS is supported by policy as a key means to carbon sequestration1. Thus, in short-term PyCCS will be a key technology for the creation of carbon sinks and thus for limiting climate change.

In order to facilitate the rapid deployment of durable carbon sinks at scale, the European Biochar Industry Consortium considers the following points as integral parts of a European CRC-M:

  1. The separation of sink conservation, emission reduction and carbon removals with targets and allocated budgets to each sector.

  2. Rigorous and transparent accounting of (additional) carbon sinks.

  3. Creation of a Europe-wide Carbon Sink Registry.

  4. Setting the path for large-scale deployment of carbon sinks already in the 2020s.

Find the full position paper HERE