BEES 360: Biochar in the 2020s

Some of the European biochar industry stalwarts, earliest pioneers and newest enablers provide a broad overview of this “in the spotlight” topic, being one of the six IPCC recognized Negative Emission Technology pathways. Whilst the application of biochar as a soil enhancer is believed to date back around 2 millennia, it’s its future that particularly interests us. So, looking into the 2020s and beyond, underpinning and fundamental to the role that biochar can play in sequestrating atmospheric carbon is sustainably sourced biomass whereby traceability is the watch word. We also look at gasification and pyrolysis as pathways to producing biochar as well as achieving the biochar-based carbon sink market and some frontier research work that points to new and novel applications for biochar. FIND HERE: The VIDEO recording of the online seminar including the presentations in the video description.    

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